My PASSION and intent is to encourage and strengthen women from all journeys of life to step into their purpose & design.

If there is anything worth doing …  DO IT TODAY!  Start moving towards the dream inside of you.

It’s time to get off that couch and stop making excuses.   LIFE is now!

  • STEP UP to Life and put your past behind you.
  • STEP OUT of doubt & fear.
  • STEP INTO your God given design.  YOU were created with intention, discover it!   Believe it, receive it, and develop it… so you can give it back to the world!

There will be resistance but we will move forward  with determination and resolve.  We will set our face towards our mission (home, city or country) and we will be unstoppable!

What you choose to do with your life matters, don’t give way to the lies that tell you don’t have what it takes, that you’re to old and your time has passed.   Take hold of your life and make it count!

Show up every week and place consistent effort towards your goals!  I want to hear from you and be part of your journey to fulfillment.

Together we will gain clarity, focus and courage.  We will see our aspirations become a REALITY!

Come and join me every week.

Your life matters!

Sherri Belmar Theis