Epiphany ~ is that sudden insight

January 6 is Kings Day, EPIPHANY (a moment of sudden revelation or insight).

What do we do with revelation, when we know something others don’t?  Do we follow intuition or do we just bury it?  Do we take action or are we complacent?

In sacred scripture it say, Some wise men came asking, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews that has come forth?
We saw His star as it rose and we have come to worship Him.”

Disturbing questions, Disturbing insight. While others lived in the tedium of time and routine.  Vibrancy, Life, and Hope were rising unperceived and unexpected.

Who were these men from far away that had understood and comprehended the grandeur of the sign?  Right before there very eyes but governor, priests and people could not see or perceive what was taking place.  Their question caused upheaval.
The ‘wise men’ saw what others did not.  They were in passionate pursuit while the rest sat unaware.

What do you see? What are you pursuing? Don’t be surprised when others do not follow or when others do not see what has been revealed to YOU.

The star ‘they’ had seen guided ‘them’ East in the direction of the rising sun (son).  They were led forward to a time and place, arising and standing firmly where the I AM laid.

When they saw the Star, they were filled with joy!
As they entered into the home a Divine exchange took place. They bowed down to Worship. They opened their treasure chests and gave Him kingly gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Much can be said about what took place but the question is what do we do with what is revealed to us?  Should we get out of our comfort zone in 2017 and move forward as His star guides us?  His LIGHT should burn bright in us and may we be used to shed light on others.  Push back the darkness and confusion of this world with the Glorious LIGHT of Jesus.

Make 2017 a different year, one of ACTION!


Note:  January 6th was the birthday of a remarkable man, George E. Theis my father a prodigious luminary dedicated to KNOWing God and making Him KNOWN.  Today we reap the seeds he has sown.

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