Blossom in 2017

January 1, 2017

Finishing is better than starting…

Beginning a New Year is fresh and exhilarating!

The New Year gives us thrust as it embodies our dreams and aspirations.
Clean and pristine, she holds her head high.
Maybe this is why innately, we set lofty expectations on the untrodden trail.
As our year gets underway, she begins to soil and tear.
Don’t be hasty to discard or disregard her.
She must be cultivated and cared for and she will blossom.

It would be wise to regard every day like January 1st because each day is a clear, untouched sheet of paper.  Her limit is 24.  We all get that same magical number.  It’s learning to master what can be achieved within this frame.  Life is a blank book, we are allowed the sacred privilege of filling its pages one at a time.
May we learn to receive each day with earnest expectation as we comprehend we only get one.
2017 only affords 365 clean opportunities.  Make them count!

Starting is fun but finishing is better… 

Have an Amazing Year!

©2017 sherritogether