Hot, tired and hungry, we drudged forward hopeful that somehow the path we had chosen would bring us to our desired destination. Our plan slowly unraveled; revealing our mistake nevertheless we plodded on.
My daughter, 10 years old and I had flown in the night before from Argentina thousands of miles away. After picking up our oldest son and our youngest son at college, we headed for some waterfalls nearby.  Our plan, a picnic at a waterfall in northern Georgia.

Five miles into our hike, with the nagging sensation we weren’t on the right trail.  Curiosity pushed us forward determined to see ‘what’ was at the end of the trail.
I was reminded how many times in life, we do the same thing. We know we aren’t on the right path but we blindly drudge on. The end is disappointing, we intuitively know but keep on regardless. We persisted only to wind down a dead end trail to a trickling stream. Slightly annoyed with myself for having wasted my time and energy. A LIFE lesson was being learned.  Follow your instincts that scream, ‘TURN AROUND’ head back to the beginning.                                                                     Why are we so prone to pursue a path, once we are on it?
Prior to our hike, I had seen some waterfalls as we were arriving but no-one else had seen them so we proceeded to take the trail to nowhere…
Once we retraced our steps, we gathered our food and climbed over rocks to the perfect spot at the top of the falls to enjoy our picnic when suddenly the menacing heavens gave way to an abundant showers.  We scurried off the rocks and crammed into the car.

Hungry, wet,and dirty we quickly began to prepare our lunch.  As the storm set in and the wind blew furiously, the car was pummeled by acorns. We burst into laughter, at the absurdity of the moment.  LIFE has its way of shifting our plans.  May we laugh and learn.

A small event that taught a meaningful lesson.
If you sense you are on a path headed nowhere… ‘TURN BACK.’        

Life is short, don’t waste it…
Get back to the beginning, the TIME is NOW!

In what way will you get off the trail to nowhere?  I want to know.


©2017 sherritogether