2017 is just around the corner!

It’s time to pick a WORD

As I evaluate 2016  ~  many things rush through my head.

“Will I achieve more this year?”

“How did some of my dreams fall to the side?”

“Will I measure up and step up my game in 2017?”

“Can I sustain necessary changes to taking to the next level?”

I love the anticipation a fresh start, a New Year!
Newness is exhilarating!

How was 2016? I’m sure you have good memories and sad ones.
It IS Possible to have an overcoming 2017!

By mid-October, I begin soul searching.
I like having a “theme WORD” for the new year. As I weigh in and examine my personal trends, I choose a WORD that symbolizes what I view as the next most essential step for the following year. What would I like to achieve and attain?

Last year, my WORD was Arise. This meant, that I had to be intentional about coming out of the shadows, get up and stop letting life just happen to me.  I needed to Arise in my mind, body and spirit.

Was 2016 a perfect year?  No, of course not but the WORD kept me focused.  It was continually on my mind, guiding me like a North star. It helped me be determined and not allow opportunities to slip through my fingers.

How about you? Are you taking time to think and evaluate? Have you choose a WORD! Please, share it with me. I’d love to hear your WORD of choice. What are your thoughts and aspirations!

Together, we can motivate and encourage each other to reach, stretch and achieve more.  We can influence and impact our homes and communities far beyond our expectations!


©2016 sherritogether